NEWS 2012
Congrats to Cassandra Harper on her 2011 achievements
National Champion Half Arabian Dressage 4th level amateur
National Champion Half Arabian Dressage FEI combined amateur
Reserve National Champion Half Arabian Dressage FEI amateur
Regional Champion and Reserve 4th Level amateur
Regional Champion FEI amateur
Regional Reserve Champion Sport Horse

AHA rider award 4th level
AHA Horseman of Supreme Merit Champion
Congratulations to Curzon to winning his first USDF all breed award 3rd place 4th level open with a 60.866% and this was his first year at 4th level

Pikasso CA ++//
AHA Legion of Merit
AHA Legion of Excellence
USEF Horse of the year 4th place
USEFNational Half Arabian Dressage FEI
USEF Regional Champion FEI combined

USEF Reserve National Champion FEI Amateur
USEF Regional Champion 4th level
USEF Regional Reserve Sport Horse
USEF Regional Reserve 3rd level
USEF Regional Reserve 4th level amateur
USDF all breed award 3rd place AHA 4th level

USEF National Champion 4th level amateur
USEF National Champion FEI amateur
USEF Regional Champion 4th level amateur
USEF Regional Champion FEI amateur
The majority of 2012 was spent teaching, training and working on self improvment. I rode in many clinics and Graduated from the L program with Distinction
Welcome to the barn!!

Brigid with  Barcardi
Laurel with Lucky
Ruth Anne with Giorgio
Lorie with Woody
In 2010 only about a year after his purchase, Heather Stalker, riding Inslee Baldwin’s Arabian gelding HS Pageno, who Patricia Trained, earned the final score Heather needed for her USDF Gold Medal.

  • Congratulations to Heather on earning her USDF Gold Medal

  • This is the second horse Patricia has trained that has gone on to earn a gold medal with another rider.
  • In 2008 Judith Fiorentino received her USDF Gold Medal.   Riding the Dutch Warmblood Goliath, who Patricia trained, scoring 60.625% and winning her FEI Grand Prix class. 
Way to go Heather and HS Pageno+//
they won the Grand Prix at the 2011 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals and were reserve champs in the Intermediate 2
congratulation Inslee his new owner